1-2-1 Nutrition Consultation with Libra Life

1-2-1 Nutrition Consultation

In a 1-2-1  nutrition consultation we work closely with you to develop a personalised nutritional programme specific to your goals and ambitions. We are individual and respond differently to foods. One man’s meat is another man’s poison is very relevant when it comes to recommending a programme to support you.

Prior to the initial consultation you will be sent a health questionnaire which, along with a comprehensive case history undertaken during the consultation, will be used to build a nutritional and lifestyle programme best suited to your needs.

Initial Nutrition Consultation: £105

A 75 minute session. An in depth discussion of your health and lifestyle will take place in order to ascertain possible nutritional imbalances. Some non invasive in clinic tests may be undertaken as well as measurements using body mass index scales. Other tests may be recommended and these are charged in addition to your consultation fee and are will always be discussed in-depth  with you before an order is placed. In many instances you may be able to access tests via the NHS. Before the consultation you will receive a comprehensive health questionnaire to be returned prior to the appointment for me to best prepare for your consultation. A deposit of £25 is due when you book your appointment and this will be deducted from your consultation fee which is payable at or before the booked appointment. Please note that the deposit is non refundable if you fail to attend or cancel within 24 hours of the booked appointment time.

Supplements may be recommended to support your dietary changes. These will be discussed and can be purchased via www.naturaldispensary.co.uk

Follow-up consultations: £60

This is a  45 minute session,  taking place no later than 4 weeks after your initial visit. We will  discuss your progress and, where necessary, amend the programme. Further follow-up consultations may be recommended if you have a long-term goal or chronic condition.

Package Offer

Book an initial consultation plus three follow-ups for  £250 – a saving of £35

Email support is available between booked appointments within reasonable limits. Queries must directly relate to your consultation and not a new topic. Should they require more than a brief answer they may incur a small charge. The follow up appointments must be taken within a  6 month period of the initial consultation unless agreed otherwise.

We are here to help you! One-to-one sessions are extremely flexible, and the aim is to accommodate your requirements wherever possible. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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