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Courses and talks about nutrition and health

Libra Life offers a range of talks and courses on nutrition and health to businesses, clubs and social groups.  Current talks are listed below. However if you have any specific enquiries we will endeavour to help. These talks have an informal style. Audience participation is encouraged.  Often ‘questions from the floor’ can highlight common issues. Please call to see how we can help you.

Current presentations include:

Introduction to sports nutrition

This talk is aimed at enthusiastic amateurs who are looking to raise their game, This talk covers areas such as nutrient timing and post-competition recovery as well as the quality of foods. Huge differences in the sport performance of an individual can be made by altering the diet or the timing of food ingestion. There are very few national level sports clubs that do not have a nutrition professional working with them. Training is important but is useless without the correct fuelling. You don’t put regular unleaded petrol into a formula one car and expect it to go very far so why would you think your body wouldn’t appreciate the same level of thought when it comes to food?

The importance of digestive health

We are what we absorb not what we eat. If the digestive system is working sub optimally you will not be making the best use of nutrients you eat however good your diet. Learn the basics of how to achieve and maintain a well working gut! Nobel prize winner biologist Elie Metchnikoff said “death begins in the colon” and there is much truth in this statement. 70% of the body’s immune system response is activated within the gut so it makes sense to look after it.

Weight Loss

Workshops on how to choose quality low GL ingredients and prepare delicious meals are available to small groups. Larger groups can attend seminar style talks on the health hazards of being overweight and how to address the growing problem of obesity! Losing weight is not about deprivation. Learn to develop good eating habits and understand how the body processes different types of food.

Coping with menopause

Some women sail through the period leading up to menopause, many do not. This talk explains the changes on the body’s hormone systems and how diet and lifestyle changes can help with some of the classic symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, weight gain and mental fogginess. If you identify with any of these then this talk is for you! Some subtle changes can make huge differences to your quality of life and may avoid the need for HRT. The menopause is a natural life stage and not a medical illness.

Multiple Sclerosis

Libra Life nutritional therapist Carol Marlow works with the Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre She is available to other MS groups to talk on diet and fitness for MS. She herself was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS aged 20 and has used both healthy eating and exercise to manage the condition. Now in her 50’s she firmly believes that both of these can have a very beneficial effect on MS and its management. Often MS patents avoid exercise due to fatigue, but managed well a graded exercise programme and appropriate diet may improve energy levels and cognition.

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