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Weight loss courses at Libra Life  help you towards your goal weight by using a Low Glycaemic Load [GL] approach to eating. This  leads to sustainable weight loss without leaving you hungry or craving for certain foods. You will  be encouraged to undertake a sensible exercise plan. Personal training packages are available.

We offer you motivational coaching to help you towards your weight loss goals. Progress is monitored using medically calibrated Tanita body composition scales and other methods.  For more information please contact us today.

There is an initial one  hour consultation. Your personal case history and goals will be discussed. The low GL way of eating will be explained you will be provided with a personalised weight loss food & exercise plan.

Measurement of weight, waist circumference, % body fat, % muscle mass will be recorded and repeated at   regularly until you reach your goal. Sessions are suggested at weekly  or fortnightly intervals and last approximately   25 minutes. At these sessions new goals can be set, challenges addressed and you will receive healthy eating advice, exercise suggestions to suit your lifestyle from your weight management practitioner, who is also there to encourage and motivate you towards your goals.


Initial consultation [1 Hour] plus 

  • Follow on package of 5 sessions for 1 person: £250.00
  • Follow on package of 10 sessions for 1 person: £350.00

Please note that packages are payable in advance and all sessions must be taken within 12 months of the first appointment. If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment 48 hours notice by telephone is required or the session may be forfeited.

  • Email support is available for the duration of each pre paid package but limited to a maximum of two emails per week and is only for weight management related queries. If you have separate health issues these may need to be addressed at a general nutritional consultation.

Small groups

Private group sessions can also be arranged, please contact us to discuss this option. This option is popular with bridal groups. In the lead up to the special day members of the bridal party can join forces and lose weight together. Weight loss in a small group setting is often very successful as you support each other in a common goal. Please contact Libra Life for more details.

Route to success

Healthy, sustainable weight loss takes time. Whether you choose to join a group or prefer private sessions, you will have the support of a qualified Nutritional Therapist and motivational weight-loss coach, who can guide you through the ups and downs of the process and lead you to a new lease of life.

Weight loss using diet alone is often very unsuccessful. Exercise is the key to success. By combining a sensible eating plan with a structured fitness programme you can achieve  remarkable results. See our fitness pages if you are interested in adding personal training to your weight loss package.

Exercise is crucial when losing weight. You need to maintain muscle mass to avoid reducing your metabolic rate. By using resistance based exercise to increase muscle mass you can increase your metabolic rate which in turn  burns more body fat as fuel. The result? Faster weight loss and a trimmer, toned body.

Workshops and Talks

We can also offer half day workshops to small groups. This advise on  how to choose and cook low GL meals. Libra Life can offer talks  to larger groups on weight loss and the health hazards that can be reduced / avoided by following a healthy eating and lifestyle plan. Please contact us for more details.

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